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Do I require a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA)? 

Organisations who pack, consign, load and carry dangerous goods by road must appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA). The purpose of the DGSA is to advise the undertaking in and monitor the compliance with the carriage of dangerous goods, prepare an annual report to the undertaking and ensure that all specified procedures are in place and adhered to. 

How do I know if my product is a dangerous good? 

The Regulations place the responsibility for correct classification of dangerous goods on the shipper. Advice on the correct classification of a substance should be sought from the manufacturer or distributor of the substance. In addition, classification may be performed by an accredited testing laboratory or advice can be sought from the competent authority. 

What are dangerous goods? 

Dangerous Goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board the aircraft. Dangerous Goods are also known as restricted articles, hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Many common items found in your household can be considered dangerous goods for the purpose of air transport. 

Can I use any fibreboard box to meet the limited quantity provisions? 

No. It is a myth that just any cardboard box will do to meet the requirements. Under the Limited Quantity provisions the fibreboard box must meet certain specifications and be capable of specified drop and stacking tests. 
The main difference between the UN specification package and the Limited Quantity one is the testing. The Limited Quantity packaging, when packed as for transport must be capable of withstanding a 1.2 meter drop test in a position most likely to cause most damage, without leakage, and be capable of withstanding, without breakage or leakage a 24 hour stacking test. 
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